Introducing SPOT - Blemish Treatment

Experiencing spotty skin can be uncomfortable, both physically and mentally. Aside from the visible blemishes, spots can make you feel self-conscious. While most people would love to have perfect skin, an unfortunate portion of our population is prone to acne. If you are one of the unblemished, consider yourself blessed! As for the rest of us, we can share the distress of noticing a brand new bump on your skin. Whether it’s creeping underneath the surface or so red you’re seeing red, it can be infuriating. You know better than to poke and prod at it, which could just lead to further spots and potentially scars, but you want to be rid of it as soon as possible.

A natural solution to skin troubles is Here&Now’s SPOT. The organic, plant-based spot treatment is designed to minimize the appearance of blemishes. Anti-inflammatory essential oils diminish visible swelling while anti-septic oils control sebum, speeding up the healing process.

It's easy to use; simply dab SPOT directly onto the blemish, allow to absorb, and remove excess with a clean tissue. What you’re left with is smooth, blemish-free skin (for an extra hit of confidence!)

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Copy by: Kari 

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