Time to make the switch - All Natural Deodorant


Whether you’re training to run marathons or marathoning a show on Netflix, working out hard or at the office, hard at work, your body is going to sweat! Of course, intense exercise is bound to get your glands going, but sitting in front of the computer? Somehow the perspiration still comes. It’s almost impossible to avoid, yet everyone does it.
It may seem undesirable, especially when accompanied by body odor, but perspiring is an important aspect to keeping your body healthy and functioning well. And while it would be great to skip the visible and odorous parts, many antiperspirants are filled with aluminum and other chemicals you may not want to put into your body.
But don’t sweat it! Here&Now has created all-natural deodorant in three wonderful scents: Bergamot & Lavender, Lemongrass & Benzoin, and Rosewood & Sage. From sweet and floral, to spicy and herbal, each unique aroma works to mask unwanted body odor without preventing normal body functions.

Plus they come in the cutest little jars, making them simple to use and mess free! No twists, turns, or sprays, which means no waste! Created with the most active person in mind, this deodorant was made to last and sure to keep you smelling fantastic!

Written by: Kari Barrett

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