Essential Oil of the Day: Lemon

Latin Name: Citrus limon
Family: Rutaceae

We should all be familiar with lemons…. if not? Really? I mean, REALLY? Lemons are believed to be native to Asia and way back in the day, Romans called the Lemon “median apple”.

The essential oil of Lemon is extracted from cold expression of the rind itself - so since heat is not used in the process (alike with most citrus oils) Lemon Essential Oil should not be considered an essential oil at all and should be considered an essence! But, to make it easy…. we all still call it an essential oil.

Lemon essential oil is a fabulous insect repellent and a few drops can ward off the critters for an evening on the patio!

Lemon essential oil is an immune stimulant, digestive, tonic, cleanser and antioxidant. What this oil is particularly good at is detoxifying the body…. which means that this tangy oil can help in the reduction of soft cellulite.

The scent of lemon essential oil is very uplifting and reminds me of bright sunny days. It is a great oil to use if you live in a region that does not get a lot of sunlight in the winter - as a Vancouverite this is an all too familiar feeling for me! A lack of vitamin D can cause a world of emotional and physical issues that diffusing lemon can aid.

If you are prone to distraction, like I am, Lemon is one of the best oils to choose for concentration. If you diffuse lemon at your desk while studying or in your office when working - the oil is not only uplifting as previously mentioned it can also keep you focused on the task at hand - which means you’ll be more positive and productive. A Japanese study found that when they diffused lemon it reduced errors by 54 percent! So basically the best oil for a MONDAY!

Lemon is also safe to use around dogs. Dogs are able to smell directly from the bottle, or you can place a few drops on the palm of your hand and let your pet smell from there. Lemon works in the same way on pets as it does for humans - If your dog is seeming down or melancholy, let them have a quick smell of lemon to perk them up. Important to note when exposing animals to essential oils is to pay attention to their behavior, if the animal pulls away immediately, they do not like the smell so do not force the animal to continue smelling.

The main contraindication for Lemon essential oil is that it is very photo-sensitive and if used topically, you should not expose that part of your skin to direct sunlight for 24-78 hours. The oils must always be used in a dilution.

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