Aromatherapy Book Review: The Fragrant Mind

Title: The Fragrant Mind: Aromatherapy for Personality, Mind, Mood & Emotion

Author: Valeria Ann Worwood

“Written in an accessible style and aimed at aromatherapists, practitioners of alternative medicine, and anyone wishing to use aromatherapy to maintain a peaceful equilibrium or bring about positive change, this book concentrates on the mood-changing effects of natural oils.” - Library Journal

I could not agree more with the summary provided by Library Journal. If you have looked for or purchased aromatherapy books you will notice that most books have very dated information. A majority of the books offer nothing more than the standard information on the origins of Aromatherapy and the core information about a select group of essential oils. This book is much different.

The Fragrant Mind focuses on the subtle uses of aromatherapy and shows the many ways that aromatherapy can support positive thoughts and emotions as well as comfort in times of turmoil. This book gives informative summaries on a variety of ailments/conditions such as manic depression, hysterical depression, aggression, confusion etc. Finding information on these such conditions has been difficult until I found The Fragrant Mind.

The book also has a section that is dedicated to the personalities of essential oils and which individuals would gravitate towards a particular oil - this is not only helpful but also give great insight into the world of aromatherapy.

I would strongly recommend this book to any Aromatherapy probationer not only to use a quick reference guide to emotional conditions but also as an intriguing review of the personification of essential oils.


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