Self-Care: Meditation Part 1

Self-care is a big focus of mine going into the New Year. Self-care does not have to be something grandiose or take up a large portion of your day; rather, self-care should be something that can easily be worked into your daily routine. An easy way to start is through meditation. 

Regular meditation promotes physiological changes such as: decreased cortisol (the major stress hormone), decreased muscle tension, normalization of blood pressure, and increased autonomic stability. These documented physiological changes indicate decreased stress levels in conditions like anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress syndrome. Source

If you are like me and try to incorporate essential oils into your daily life, try meditating over an oil. Simply choose an oil, pick the first one your hand touches. Open the cap and inhale with your eyes closed. Does the scent remind you of something? Do you see a colour or a shape? What do you feel? Then sit, with palms facing upwards if you are wishing to receive light and energy or with palms down if you are feeling more contemplative. I try to take 12 minutes sitting in silence a day - just 12 minutes. I think we can all spare 12 minutes.


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