Are you storing your oils properly?

There are four things to take into consideration when storing your essential oils:

1 - Essential oils are volatile by nature and therefore will quickly evaporate when exposed to the air. For this reason, your oils should always be kept capped.

2 - Essential oils are extremely sensitive to light - oils should be kept in dark coloured glass bottles (amber, green or blue). Do not store in clear glass bottles or jars.

3 - Essential oils are sensitive to heat. Essential oils should be kept at room temperature or colder. If you are not using your oils for an extended period of time, keep them in the fridge. Some oils will become solid if they are below room temperature, but not to worry, just heat a bowl of water and place the sealed bottle of essential oil in the water and the oil will become liquid again.

4 - Smaller amounts of essential oils should be transferred to smaller bottles to reduce oxidization. When working with large amounts of oils, as we do at Here&Now Botanicals, it is important to be continually reducing the size of the essential oil bottles - ie, do not store 100mls of essential oil in it original 1L bottle. For at home, when you have used 20ml of your 30ml bottle, move the oil to a smaller 10ml bottle for better keeping

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