Essential Oil of the Day: Geranium

Pelargonium graveolens

Family: Geraniaceae

Sometimes you need to study things you really really really don’t like - geranium, you bitch.

This heavy, leafy rose-like scented oil is always a tad heavy for me and it generally has mixed reactions. Most either love it or hate it…. I am really trying to love it.

Geranium is a balancing oil - stimulating and relaxing depending on what you need it to do at that time. Most importantly it balances hormones…. So the ladies don’t sync up and go all crazy like. It balances the endocrine system which effects estrogen levels - gentlemen take note.

Geranium is stellar for all skin types, helps with acne and revitalizes sluggish and congested skin - not to mention can help with that cold sore you contracted from whoever that was.

Geranium is great for the imagination and can create a sense of stability and security. Geranium used to be ayes around people’s homes to ward off evil spirits - I think it was just to keep the ladies hormones in check.

Important to note that geranium mimics estrogen and shouldn’t be used in women with estrogen related illnesses or during pregnancy.

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