Aromatherapy Blending: Chilblains

As the weather is getting colder and I find myself reaching for my pair of gloves whenever I leave the house, I am reminded of chilblains….. $#%#^& chilblains. But what are chilblains?….. the official term for when your skin gets inflamed and itchy (usually on your hands and feet) due to poor circulation, related to exposure to cold. BRR.  

A warming blend can be made with the above. These oils are quite “strong” in that they can sometimes cause skin sensitization in some, so use the “spice” oils sparingly. Use only a 1% blend of the above - remembering to use a top, middle and base, if you can.

How do you find roughly 1%? Divide the carrier bottle by 4 to figure out the total number of drops of essential oil being use in the blend. I know, I know  this doesn’t always make sense. But, always remember that this will give confidence that the blend will not be too strong for you. Careful! While these oils are great for warming hands, do no use nutmeg, thyme, black pepper, cinnamon or CO2 ginger in the bath - it can get quite…burny…..

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