Essential Oil of the Day: Ginger

 Latin Name: Zingiber officinale

Family: Zingiberaceae

Ginger is a perfect example of what different extraction methods can have on an oil. Ginger essential oil can be extracted through steam/water distillation and also more recently through CO2 extraction. When extracted through water/steam distillation Ginger is a heavier scent, woody and slight spicy. When extracted through CO2 it is how I would describe as “true” Ginger - it smells zesty, spicy, intense and peppery.

It smells like it should be a top note because it packs an immediate punch that leaves you on your ass….. But that’s why it’s a base note. One or two drops can overwhelm a blend.

Ginger is warming and stimulating and is great for circulation and chills.

Got the flu, get Ginger
Got arthritis, get Ginger
Got a sore throat, get Ginger

Everything the tea can do, the essential oil can do - just don’t drink it. Obvs. Ginger is also amazing for sharpening your senses and brings a sense of courage …. Just think, you could be a ninja with just a little Ginger.

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