Essential Oil of the Day: Sandalwood

Latin Name: Santalum album

Family: Santalaceae

Cultivated in tropical regions of Asia like India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indo and Taiwan. This little bugger of an evergreen tree is a parasite! The only way it can survive is if its roots latch to another tree and feed of it. Thank goodness there are over 30 plants that can nourish this greedy plant because sandalwood’s sweet-woody aroma is so alluring that I couldn’t live without it.

When you look at the characteristics of the smell of something its fascinating to cross reference with its physical characteristics - ie, sandalwood’s scent has tenacity, it lasts. Sandalwood latches to other plants for nutrient, it lasts. Neat.

It’s one of the worlds oldest aromatics - 4000 years of recorded history! This oil is extremely important in religious rituals - probably because it is so dreamy.

Great for dry skin and can also fix up that urinary tract infection. Most importantly sandalwood is great for meditation; it quiets mental chatter. On an energy level, Sandalwood can link your Crown Chakra to your base….. Keeping your head attached to your neck and keeping you from floating into dream world.

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